Community Engagement

Milwaukee houses our home office and we make it a point to get involved with the community as much as we can to promote the arts, entrepreneurship and growth. 


Client Appreciation x local engagement

We love sports and are dedicated to promoting our local teams as much as possible. We are season ticket holders for many of our local teams, and clients who spend $3000 or more with our firm have the option to receive complimentary tickets to Milwaukee Bucks and/or Milwaukee Brewers home games.* With the new Bucks arena underway, and the booming redevelopment going on within the city of Milwaukee, it is a great time to join the Hawkins Law Offices family. 

Friends of Hawkins Law Offices

We've committed to partnering up with many local organizations to promote entrepreneurship, sustainability and legacy within our community. Through education and outreach, it has become our passion and mission to impact lives on a micro level to foster growth and inspire dreams. 

* Receipt of tickets to sporting events is not a guarantee. Tickets will be provided at the discretion of the firm on a first come first served basis subject to availability