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Is Your Brand Protected?

Have you ever questioned whether you own the rights to your brand name or the name of your business? Are you wondering how you can prevent other businesses from stealing your trademark and using it without your permission? The truth is, if your trademark is not registered it is not protected, and neither is your brand. The only way to guarantee that you have access to the tools necessary to protect the brand you've worked so hard to create, is to register your trademark federally. Many entrepreneurs and business owners attempt to register their trademark on their own or try to save money by using a cheap document filing service. Unfortunately, many of these entrepreneurs are unsuccessful and spend more money fixing their application than they would have spent hiring a professional to do it correctly up front. We understand the importance of registering your trademark the right way, the first time, and we are here to help. We are trademark attorneys, and getting your trademark registered is our specialty.


Working With Us Is Simple


1. Complete A Questionnaire

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2. We Investigate Use Of Your Trademark


3. We Submit Your Application


4. Your Trademark Gets Registered


It's That Simple


Register Your Trademark Now

We offer flat-fee, comprehensive trademark registration packages that account for every wrinkle you will encounter during the registration process and beyond. Instead of offering you pricing for one piece of the puzzle and hiding the rest like many other firms, our flat fee trademark registration packages cover everything, even your 5 year renewal paperwork to make sure that you do not lose your registration once we obtain it for you. We focus on the long game of building and securing the value your brand brings to your business. Filing the actual application is but one step in a long journey towards true brand protection. But don't worry, we'll be your guide on this journey and make sure you reach your destination safely. We are so confident that we will obtain a favorable result for you, that we offer a money back guarantee for all of our flat-fee trademark registration packages. Let's register your trademark.

Our Flat Fee Packages


Basic Package


+ govt. filing fees

✔ Unlimited Knockout Search For Trademark Availability

✔ Drafting & Submission of Trademark Application

✔ File as Attorney of Record

✔ 30 Minute Office Action Consultation

✔ 1 Year Trademark Monitoring

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Preferred Package


+ govt. filing fees

✔ Includes all services within the Essential Package

➕ One Comprehensive Trademark Search (Nationwide)

➕ Unlimited Office Action Responses

➕ Unlimited Application Amendments

➕ Statement of Use Filing for Intent to Use Applications

➕ 2 Years Trademark Monitoring

➕ Money Back Guarantee


Full Protection Package


+ govt. filing fees

✔ Includes all features of the Essential Package and Preffered Package

➕ Additional Application For Your Logo

➕Opposition & Cancellation Proceeding Representation

➕5 Years of Trademark Monitoring

➕Filing of All 5 Year Renewal Paperwork

Installment Plans Available! Just Ask

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