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- Derek A Hawkins -

Hello there! My name is Derek, and I am the man behind the machine here at Hawkins Law Offices. I opened my firm in 2014  to effectively register, protect, and monetize the trademarks of emerging and established businesses. I realized very early on in my legal career that in order to effectively represent my clients, I'd have to make branding the primary focus of my practice, so that is what I did. I am not a document filer, or a jack-of-all trades attorney. I am here to facilitate your brand's growth through comprehensive trademark protection domestically and abroad. 

It is my firm belief that operating any successful business requires a strong foundation, and to aide in building this foundation, I take an active role as your strategic partner, heavily invested in your perpetual success as a business. In order for perpetual success to become a reality, securing your trademark rights is a necessity, and it is this philosophy that drives my practice and influences the way I counsel my clients. With an emphasis on being proactive rather than reactive,  I provide detailed counsel that aligns with your business strategy above all else, minimizes your legal spend where possible, and helps drive your business forward while enhancing your brand. 

Register, protect, and monetize. These are the building blocks to my clients' major successes.  I represent businesses of all sizes across industries, so regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, I have a solution to protect and enhance your brand.

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