What to Expect

When you make the decision to hire a firm to help you protect your business interests or expand your brand, options are bountiful. A major criteria many companies look to is whether the firm they are hiring fits their business culture, shares similar philosophies, and shares the same level of enthusiasm about their company and their brand.  Here at Hawkins IP we believe in aligning all of our legal strategies with your business and marketing goals to ensure an end result that is of value to you.  We are not a large law firm with huge overhead giving you limited access to your attorney, we are not a document filing service that is going to file an application for your trademark and forget all about you -- we are branding partners here to guide your business and your brand to new heights via holistic, pragmatic and relevant counsel. Here is what you can expect when working with Hawkins IP.


Flat Fee Billing

We've helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs enhance and protect their brands so we've sat down and thought about how we can provide our clients with the most bang for their buck. This is why you will notice that our services are predominantly structured at a flat fee rate. We want to provide value to our clients without the surprise of a huge bill for services every month. We can even put together a custom flat fee quote for a large project with multiple stages . . . all you have to do is ask. Learn more about our services below.



Updates on your file are a phone call away. Before we ever engage with a new client, we let them know exactly what to expect with their project, costs estimates, timelines and "surprises" we are expecting along the way so the client stays well informed. While it is impossible to eliminate risk when building a brand, there are numerous ways to mitigate that risk and insulate your brand as much as possible. We are transparent about likelihood of success. and will never engage in a project where we know the result will mean certain failure (unless you really want us to . . . then we'll try our best)


Technology Driven counsel

We represent clients all over the world, and the only way we can effectively provide consistent experiences and value to our clients is by leveraging cloud-based technology to provide efficient counsel. All of our clients receive a personal on-line dashboard to manage their matters within our office. You can expect 24/7 access to your file, direct messaging with your attorney, limitless document storage and more. Learn more about the client management service we use to make life easier for our clients.