2018 Hourly Rates
Attorney: $300/hour
Assistants: $125/hour

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Comprehensive trademark clearance for use availability. Includes USPTO database search, social media scrub, secretary of state filing scrub and online search. Full report provided with written analysis and 30 minute consult to discuss next steps. 

Office Action Responses

Comprehensive responses to office action letters received by trademark examiners at the USPTO. 

Application Tracking

Many businesses do not have time to keep track of all the deadlines and responses required to obtain a trademark registration. Our trademark attorneys file as your attorney of record and track your application for you so your application flows seamlessly through to registration.

Contract drafting/Review

From licensing agreements to coexistence agreements, and everywhere in between — we provide transactional business counsel to many of our trademark clients to help monetize their brands and facilitate their growth.

Copyright Registration- 

We will register the copyright for your creative work with the US copyright office. Pricing fluctuates dependent upon number and nature of works to be registered. 

Friday Power Hour Consultation

Every Friday, our attorneys sit down with clients and have an in-depth strategy session where we provide actionable legal advice. We will come to your place of business, or wherever you feel most comfortable and thoroughly discuss your issue and implement a strategy to help grow or protect your brand. Book your power hour session here.


Our trademark attorneys have personally worked on over 300 trademark applications. They will prepare and submit a trademark application to the US Patent & Trademark Office and guide you through the entire registration process. 

TTAB Practice

Commencement or defense representation during cancellation, opposition or concurrent use proceedings before the Trademark Trials & Appeals Board. 

Trademark Application Renewals

Trademark registrations do not last forever. There are mandatory renewal filings that must be made to maintain the registration. Failure to file renewals will result in the cancelation of your registration. Our trademark attorneys will draft and submit your renewal paperwork for you to keep your registration active

Brand Consulting

Whether you are hitting the reset button on your brand, or you're starting your business from scratch, we help many of our clients strategize to ensure they bridge the gap between business operations and brand management. 

Cease & Desist Letters

Step one in enforcing your trademark rights will generally involve issue a cease and desist letter insisting an immediate halt of unauthorized use of your intellectual property. We assist our clients by investigating unauthorized use, drafting and issuing cease and desist letters. 

Business Formation
(WIsconsin Residents Only)

It's quite difficult to build brand without a solid business foundation. Our firm began as a business development firm and provide these services for our local clients and help them being their journeys as entrepreneurs. We'll draft and file your organizational paperwork, get you set up with your Tax ID, and provide all necessary organizational documents and initial contracts to have your business operational.