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Trademark Application Intervention

After you submit a trademark application to the USPTO, you are looking at a minimum 7-10 month journey before you obtain your federal registration. The trademark registration process is just that, it's a process. After submission, you may have to prove how you are using your trademark, respond to office action letters, defend your trademark application against third party companies opposing your trademark and much more. The trademark registration process is a legal proceeding with multiple stages and technical requirements that, if not met, will derail your application and prevent you from getting your trademark registered. After putting a tremendous amount of effort and capital into getting your application submitted, it is devastating to hear that your trademark application is refused, abandoned, or is being opposed. You may feel overwhelmed and alone, but you are not. We can help

We follow a tried and true intervention process that involves careful negotiation with your assigned examining attorney, exploration of viable agreements with any necessary third-parties, and effective office action responses to overcome obstacles preventing you from registering your trademark. Our intervention services are always flat-fee and include comprehensive oversight of your application until you have the registration certificate for your trademark in your hand. We know we aren't super heroes, but we try to be.