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Getting your trademark registered the right way shouldn't be a hassle. We understand. You're a busy business owner and you probably don't have the time to deal with the application process but you want to make sure your trademark application is processed correctly. Our trademark attorneys understand this pain point and have broken down the application process into three easy steps to strategically and effectively register your trademark. Our holistic approach to trademark registration focuses on the answers to three critical questions often overlooked when considering brand protection:

Can you register your trademark?
Should you register your trademark?
Why do you want to register your trademark?

 Our trademark attorneys are here to answer these questions for you and to help you register your trademark the right way, the first time.


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Complete Our Intake Form

Fill out our one page intake form with your primary contact information. Once you have finalized your checkout, you will be sent a one page questionnaire within 24 hours which you will use to provide your trademark attorney with the basic information about your trademark, including the name, goods and/or services provided and the first date that you began offering goods and/or services under your trademark name. We will also request digital images of your trademark that show us how you are displaying your trademark on your products or marketing materials.


Pay the Flat fee


Our flat fee cost to prepare and submit your trademark application to the trademark office is $975. This fee includes a knockout search and all costs to prepare and submit your trademark application. The filing fee for the application will not be due until we are ready to submit your application. The current filing fee for one category of goods or services is $275. 


Draft, Consult & File

Your designated trademark attorney will analyze your trademark intake form, properly categorize your goods and services, and craft your application. Prior to submit the application to the trademark office, your trademark attorney will confirm the details of your application, explain the timeline of the application process, and will answer any questions you have throughout the application process until your trademark is registered.




  • Knockout trademark search to review availability of trademark. Our search includes a detailed search of the US Patent & Trademark Office database.

  • Your trademark attorney will personally draft  and submit your trademark application to the trademark office, ensuring the identification of your goods and services accurately reflects the goods and/or services you offer in the marketplace.
  • Your trademark attorney will be listed as your attorney of record which will allow them to speak with your trademark examiner, incrementally track the progress of your trademark application, and make future filings on your behalf.
  • Responses to any non-substantive office actions that may be issued by your assigned trademark examiner. 
  • Tracking of your application through all three phases of the application process. 
  • Once issued, we will forward you the original copy of your registration certificate accompanied by detailed instructions on how to properly maintain and enforce your trademark's registration along with your specific renewal dates

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