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Is Your Brand Protected?

If your trademark is not registered your brand is not protected and you do not legally own the rights to the name of your business or any of your brand assets. Without this protection, your business is vulnerable and anyone can use your brand name or logo without your permission and confuse your customers — costing your business money and damaging your business' reputation. As a business owner, you've worked tremendously hard to build a brand you can be proud of, so you deserve exclusive rights to the brand name that identifies the business you've worked hard to create. We're here to make sure that becomes a reality.  We are trademark attorneys, and getting your trademark registered is our specialty.


Working With Us Is Simple

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1. We Validate Your Trademark


2. We Submit Your Application


3. Your Trademark Registers


4. Your Brand Is Protected


Because We Make It Simple

Register Your Trademark Now

We offer a flat-fee, comprehensive trademark registration package for businesses and entrepreneurs that are serious about their brands and are ready to invest in their growth. Instead of offering you pricing for one piece of the puzzle and hiding the rest like many other firms, our flat fee trademark registration package covers everything necessary to successfully register your trademark from beginning to end. It's time invest in your business and your brand. Let’s work together to register your trademark

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Trademark Registration Package


+ USPTO Filing Fees

✔ Trademark Viability Analysis

✔ Comprehensive Trademark Search & Report

✔ Drafting & Submission of One (1) Trademark Application

✔ Unlimited Attorney Consultations

✔ Non-Substantive Office Action Responses

✔ Framed Registration Certificate With Trademark Registration Maintenance Instructions

✔ Money Back Guarantee


*This flat fee package includes a comprehensive search covering five (5) categories of goods/services.