Papa John’s Seeks New Trademarks In Hopes Of Ditching Tarnished Reputation

During the summer of 2018, John Schnatter, then CEO of the famous pizza chain, Papa John’s, used a racial slur during a business conference call. His use of the racial slur went viral, severely damaging the company’s reputation and harming its profits. As the company faces a possible closure of over 250 locations, it turns to a rebranding strategy with three new trademarks to save the goodwill of the brand. 

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I Received A Cease & Desist Letter . . . Now What?

Receiving a cease and desist letter from another company or individual demanding that you stop using your brand name or your logo will likely leave you felling, well, pissed off. But before engaging in an angry tirade back and forth with the sender of the letter, or freaking out and curbing to the demands of this third party, take a deep breath and follow these three steps. 

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Trademark Wars: Lucasfilm’s Unique History With Intellectual Property

As we arrive at yet another May the Fourth™,  so comes another opportunity for Lucasfilm to pounce on potential advertising mishaps from companies overstepping their legal boundaries. We explore the history of the Star Wars Franchise and Lucasfilm’s major role in the galaxy that is Intellectual Property. Grab your lightsabers, kids.

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