Client Case Study


Zach and his creative advertising agency, Concept Envy Advertising, are long time clients of ours. When Zach first began working with us, he was facing a dispute with a local competitor who was threatening to sue Zach's firm in federal court to force him to change the name of his brand and business.  

We represented Zach's interests locally and nationally and prevented a lawsuit, saving Zach's firm thousands of dollars in legal fees and halting this competitor in their tracks. We then put together a registration and enforcement strategy to prevent any competitor from trying to take his company's name in the future. As a result, Zach was able to continue using his name without any interference and now has federal protection to back up his brand as it continues to grow. Since then, we've helped Zach's firm develop new branding assets to continue to grow his firm and other private business ventures. 

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Hawkins IP is great! These folks are really knowledgeable. They have helped us stay brand forward and understand best practice when it comes to trademarkS for our agency and our clients. Hawkins IP will spend time to understand your business, your goals, and get the job done!

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