Client Case Study


"Hawkins IP resolved two trademark registration issues. They were extremely easy to work with and explained the process in detail along the way. Their pricing was fair, and service superior! I highly recommend Hawkins IP for any IP issues. I recommend using Hawkins IP from the start for your IP needs."


Vic came to us when he was having trouble registering the trademarks for two of his businesses. He applied to register two trademarks with the United States Patent & Trademark Office on his own and received two refusals from the trademark office for both of his applications.  Both applications were set to be canceled if he did not come up with a way to respond to the refusals. 

Vic hired us to intervene and save the applications. Once we began our work, we were able to overturn the refusals and register both trademarks on the principal register. Now that Vic's brand is secure, he can focus his energies on expansion of his enterprise and products offerings to grow his business. 

Let’s do the same for your brand . . .