Client Case Study

Nikki Collier.jpeg


I am incredibly pleased with the services I received working with Derek Hawkins. He was very helpful, personable, and communicated a process well that was quite foreign to me. He didn't push me to take on more than I needed to, which I certainly appreciated being a small business owner. I will certainly work with him again in the future. Highly recommend!


Nikki came to us in quite a predicament. She had been working on her line of all natural animal treats for her business and was using a name for over a year that was already being used and was registered by a large corporation. Unsure of what to do next, Nikki came to us looking for guidance.

We put together a plan and helped Nikki's team develop a strong new name for her business, and we vetted the name to make sure it was strong and available while staying true to the essence of her brand. Once we were confident in the name that we selected together, we crafted a new application to register both the logo design and word trademark for her business. We successfully registered both trademarks and now her products are carried in over a dozen retailers throughout the Mid-West and continues to grow each day. 

Let’s do the same for your brand . . .